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RSTP is a private company formed by corporate executives and entrepreneurs in 2007 for the purpose of developing and introducing organic products from renewable resources to help in maintaining a clean, healthy environment and in our own little way contribute to stop global warming.

Our primary goal is provide farmers with technology that will drastically increase farm production while decreasing dependency on the use of synthetic chemical fertiilizers and pesticides.  Studies have shown that extensive use of these synthetic chemical products in farming have damaging effects to the health of farm workers and consumers of produce.

Our banner product "Masinag" Liquid Organic Fertilizer has been proven to increase yield in rice and corn by an average of +30% while reducing the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticide by as much as 50%. "Masinag" has been certified by Landbank of the Phils. in its Technology Promotions Center (TPC) program as tested and validated by Central Luzon State University under the authorship of Dra. Nenita dela Cruz, PhD on soils.